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Pain Relief Oil (100ml)

MRP: 399
DP: 239
SV: 24
Description About this product:-

Pain Relief Oil

It is Anti-Inflammatory and muscle relaxant massage oil. It is highly useful for general body massage and pain stiffness of the joints.
It helps to reduce pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. This oil penetrates deep into the dermal layers and has a soothing effect on under cells.
It contains Antispasmodic properties which relieve spasms and reduces pain.
This oil contains Nirgundi oil, Peppermint oil, Gandhapuro oil, Taj oil, Kapoor ,Til oil, Ajma phool, Narayan oil etc.


  • Reduces pain in joints.
  • Relief from muscle pains, body aches and stiffness.
  • Increase blood circulation. 

Direction for use:

Take sufficient quantity of Pain Relief Oil, apply on the affected part, massage gently to facilitate penetration. And leave it on for 2—3 hours