Glass Window Cleaner

Rs. 149
DP. 129 / PV. 26


Qty : 500 ML

Glass Window Cleaner

It is an Effective Cleaner for all Glass Surfaces, Mirrors, and Windows. It removes Grease and Dirt easily and ensures a streak -free cleanliness . It removes all stains, be it film, grime or finerprint. Just spray on the surface to be cleaned and wipe this clean with a dry cloth or paper.

Suitable for cleaning : Glass and Shiny surfaces like Mirror, Glass windows, Fridge, TV, Oven, Kitchen Cabinets, Furniture, Gives more shine than regular cleaners.

Direction for use : Turn the nozzle of spray on stream position and apply on surface, wiping with clean and dry cotton cloth or paper, to get clean surface with more times full surface.