Calcium Granules with Mango Flavour

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Calcium Granules with Mango Flavour

Calcium plays a very important role in the body, It is necessary for normal functioning of Nerves, Cells, Muscles and Bones. If there is not enough calcium in blood, then body will absorb calcium from bones and thereby weakening the bones. This calcium granules improves the patient's condition by curing weakness in bones, increases absorption of calcium and phosphorus in body and heal wounds. It contains Calcium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D as a active ingredients. This granules are made up of with Natural herbs like Asthisanghat, Ashwagandha, Nirgundi, Guggulu, Kapikachhu, Arjuna and Shatavari.

Benefits : Used for Osteoporosis, Hypocalcemia and Vitamin D deficiency, Makes bone stronger , 100% natural and ayurvedic.

How to use : Two to three tablespoons with hot or cold milk or as directed by physician. Also add sugar as per requirement.