• Code: 142

Bio Formula Engine Oil

MRP: 999
DP: 549
SV: 48
Description About this product:-

Bio Formula Engine Oil
Oil Additive for Engine

  • Frictionless Working
  • Reduced Wear longer life of Parts
  • Silent Operation


    • Keeps Engine Run like new
    • Rejuvenates Power and Compression
    • Oil Consumption due to blow by is reduced
    • Frictional Energy loss is recovered in the form of more Mileage.
    • Makes Cold Starting Easier and Smoother
    • Keeps Engine Quiet, Supple & Efficient
    • Protects Engine Parts Oxidation, Sludge, Gum and Varnish Deposition
    • Compatible with all types of Minerals and Synthetic Lubricants

    Pack Sizes

    50 ml : Suitable for all four stroke scooters and motorcycles.

    115 ml : Suitable for bullets , 3 wheelers, below 1 ton LCVS

    250 ml : Suitable for Cars, ORVS, LCVS upto 4 oil sump capacity.

    pour about 5 to 10 % of oil sump capacity.

    5000 ml : Suitable for bulk usage in garages

     pour about 5 to 10 % of oil sump capacity.


    After Changing Engine Oil : Keep Engine running for five minutes.  Pour Contents into the crankcase .

    Run Engine for five minutes after adding.