we are

Trillionaire Mindz Private Limited is a direct selling Company incorporated on 19th July, 2018. The head office is located at World Trade Centre Pune, while the marketing office is at the World Trade Centre, Bangalore. It envisions venturing into international markets and creating entrepreneurs on a global scale.

Trillionaire Mindz Private Limited brings the standard of enriched living to its community. The ultimate objective of the company is to build independent entrepreneurs, mould them into global leaders and inculcate the culture of leadership to benefit our nation and the world.

Trillionaire Mindz stands on a platform furnished by real world experiences, community members, trainers and leaders. It brings out an indestructible passion for their work, a strengthened resolve to persevere through every challenging encounter and the technical skills required to tackle daily challenges. We lay out a panorama of business opportunities for them to pick and contrive their journey into entrepreneurship.

Trillionaire Mindz Private Limited provides a platform that caters to every need of an entrepreneur, fosters their swift growth and helps them attain complete financial freedom and a true sense of accomplishment.

Trillionaire Mindz Private Limited offers a wide range of products and services including Tourism, Entrepreneurship education, Wellness, Fabrics, Leather Accessories, Fitness Equipment and Luxury Furniture. Trillionaire Mindz Private Limited makes high quality products designed to make your life better.

At Trillionaire Mindz Private Limited, we believe we can use our best of our business and improve individual community all over the world. Today, Trillionaire Mindz Private Limited is helping to change lifestyles and lives as a social commerce brand that enables Independent Business Owners to pursue their dream of running their own business.