According to the direct selling guidelines, money circulation plan is illegal. And the business we are involved in is a legal network marketing business. In our company we don’t sell membership, we sell the products. In our business they get paid only if products are sold to someone through the network either a customer or an associate.
Because direct selling industry is called as future of India & it’s a 21st century’s fastest growing industry. As unemployment is a biggest challenge for government in India, KPMG & FICCI estimated that direct selling business in India is going to grow tremendously providing millions of jobs to youth & hit 65000 crore turnovers up to 2025.  And in September 2016 government of India has provided proper guidelines to direct selling business. And even the business legends of the world like Bill Gates, Warren buffet, Donald Trump & Richard Branson they believe in this system and also recommends network marketing.
Well in 2016, the government of India has issued  the direct selling guidelines. We have developed our business plan as per Central government guidelines and yes Trillionaire Mindz is the legal direct selling company.
Our company aims to reach international market standard. As we have our own research and development team & also internationally recognized scientists for developing our products. We provide FACCI licensed & highest quality products & services to give maximum satisfaction for our customers.
Great question! So many people are looking for alternative incomes these days.But we personally do think we talk about sales people, then small business owners and then people who hate their job. But now there are professionals who are successful in their jobs or businesses, so I do recommend these people should also consider network marketing because networking is not just about the money, 1) Its way to help more people succeed, 2) For career people, may be they are ok with their job but however they do desire something better, more time & lifestyle etc. So there is some truly amazing opportunities network marketing offers.  And at the last it is all your choice what you want to be or not, no one can predict your future, infact not even us. It is said that something is better than nothing. Step forward and take a chance.